Candles and Comfort Food

Hey guys! Happy Monday! I hope y’all had a great weekend. On Saturday, Greg and I met a friend downtown at the Greek Festival and ate entirely too much. I’m talking each of us had a gyro, fries, and baklava sundae. Probably not the healthiest lunch ever but it was sooo delicious. It was also so nice outside, so it felt good to be out walking around. After the Greek Festival, I had Greg swing me by Hobby Lobby so I could pick up some supplies for a bridesmaid gift I am doing myself. I can’t wait to share pictures once I’m finished! Some of the bridesmaids gifts were bought online, but I think it adds a special touch to hand make a little something yourself. Afterwards, we headed to Greg’s parents’ house to eat with their big group of friends and watch the game. The Gamecocks brought home another win! Woo hoo!

On Sunday, Greg and I went to church then ran some errands. Bath&Body Works was having their 2 for $22 candle sale, so of course I had to pop in and pick some up. I absolutely love their candles, but I’ll only buy them when they are on sale like that. Here is a picture of my mini candle haul:


I got 2 Marshmallow Fireside candles, 2 Tailgate candles, and 2 Pumpkin Sugared Doughnut wallflower refills. Marshmallow Fireside is one of my all-time favorite scents for fall/winter. It sounds like it would be a super sweet scent, but it isn’t. It seriously smells like you are sitting next to a campfire. It’s slightly cologne-y with a touch of sweetness that I adore.


By the way, how pretty is the new candle packaging? So chic!


I also picked up 2 Tailgate candles, which I think is a new scent. In the store it smelled fairly light, but I liked that. It also has a slightly cologne-y smell, but no sweetness. It seriously smells like you’re sitting outside during the fall when it’s slightly chilly, just watching football. I really like it!



Once I got home, I did some cleaning then it was time for dinner! I haven’t been feeling great, so I wanted something easy and comforting. To me, comforting=pasta 🙂 So I pulled together these ingredients for an easy yet super delicious dinner:


Seriously, all you do is brown the sausage in a pan by itself while you bring water to a boil in a separate pot for the pasta. Once the pasta in cooked, you dump in the sausage, a bag of baby spinach, pasta sauce of your choice, and I also put in some garlic and diced onions. Then I let it all cook together in the pot for a while before dishing it out and sprinkling the top with Parmesan cheese. So easy but it definitely hit the spot!



I hope y’all have a great start to the week and I’ll check in with you Wednesday!!


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