Another week is here

Good morning guys! I hope y’all had a great weekend and you are ready to tackle another week! Even though I’m not quite ready for it to be Monday, I have to keep phrases like this in my mind:


Great words to keep a positive mindset!

Anywho….let’s talk about the weekend, shall we? On Friday night, Greg and I went to a fraternity alumni event in downtown Columbia. We met up with a couple friends and had a great time. On Saturday, we had our third wedding shower! It was wonderful. The women who threw it just put so much thought and effort into everything. It meant so much! Here is one of my favorite pictures of me and Greg from the night:


I think Greg is just the cutest guy around…but of course I’m biased 😉 We got some wonderful gifts, but I think Greg is most pumped about a mini fryer we got. As a girl who tries to cook fairly healthy around the house, it will be interesting to introduce that into the mix! But Greg is excited, so I’ll make sure to whip it out after we get married and give it a go. On Sunday, Greg and I went downtown to a going away party for one of my former co-workers. Then wrapped it all up with Mexican food with Greg’s parents! If you haven’t caught on…our weekend involved a lot of food. So good but I feel like a roly poly! Time to get back on the healthy train and back to the gym this week for sure!

I hope you guys have a great Monday and I’ll talk to you guys Wednesday!



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