High Five For Friday!

Good morning guys! We have officially made it through another week! After this week, all I can say is thank goodness! To kick off what I hope will be a wonderful weekend, I thought I would share some things I am loving this week. Y’all feel ok about that? Then let’s do this thing! 🙂

1) Delicious smelling body wash



I was in need of some new body wash this week and I picked this guy up from CVS on a whim. I’m sure glad I did! In the morning when I need every little bit of incentive to get up and get in the shower, this stuff smells so good! It has a slightly sweet but also fresh scent I really enjoy. It isn’t’ too “fake coconut-y” if you know what I mean. It’s fairly subtle and incredibly moisturizing! The pretty pink color of the top and body wash itself is also a nice touch 😉

2) It is officially less than a month until our wedding!


Greg and I are getting married on November 8th, and to think we are less than a month away is crazy! We got engaged back in January, so our engagement hasn’t been super long, but I am more than ready for our wedding to get here! It seems so much more real now that there aren’t months to go, but only weeks. Wow!

3) I found an oldie but goodie nail polish I’m digging




I was digging through my nail polish collection this past weekend and came across this forgotten gem. I’m really enjoying how it’s a bit darker than the bright summer polishes since we are now in October. But it isn’t too dark to where it looks “goth” (as Greg refers to some of my super dark polishes 🙂 ) I think the name, “Smokey Taupe”, is so spot on because while it does look mostly gray, there is definitely a hint of purple in there. So unique!

4) Affordable boots for fall!

I have been wanting to buy a pair of boots forever but could never justify the price. It’s basically warm here in South Carolina until December and then once you hit April, you look slightly crazy if you have boots on. So I could never get on board with the whole spending $200 on a pair of boots I’ll wear for maybe three months out of the year. But then there came these beauties:


Oh Target, how I love thee! I saw these boots at Target for $39.99 and knew I had to have them. For less than $40, I think the quality is really nice and I can’t wait to wear them! I can’t seem to find them online, but certainly take a quick browse through the shoes next time you are in Target!

5) Concert this weekend!

The State Fair is in town once again and one of the performers will be the one and only Lee Brice! I absolutely love his music, especially the sweet songs like “Woman Like You” and “I Don’t Dance.” Greg and I both got tickets to see his concert Saturday night and I’m pumped!


As our tickets suggest, I hope you “Find Your Happy” this weekend and I’ll catch up with y’all Monday!!



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